"Invalid column name 'CreatedOn'" - Entity Framework Code First

by Victor 7. September 2012 16:53

I started getting this error in a production system a day ago but nothing had changed in that application. The application is a REST web service and hasn't been touched in months. BUT, I did deploy a different application that uses the same database. The new application uses Entity Framework 5.0 and the existing application uses 4.3. Also, the new application uses Code First Migrations so a new table called __MigrationHistory was automatically added. It turns out that the existing application had automatic migration enabled. So, all I had to do was turn that off using this line of code and redeploy the dll.


I don't think automatic migrations should be enabled by default but I suppose some people would want it. Sometimes I think MS tries to put too many "automagic" features in their frameworks...

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